Purple Circle launches broker-focused digital CRM

by Antony Field04 Jun 2021

Broker-owned Purple Circle Financial Services has introduced a new CRM and loan management software system designed specifically to make life easier for its broker partners.

Salestrekker is a feature-packed solution aimed at reducing broker and staff workload, improving compliance and enabling collaboration during and after the loan application process.

“There has been a momentous move in how business gets done, and staying relevant means becoming an active part of a customer’s digital life,” said Purple Circle chief operating officer Frank Paratore.

“With the continued and rapid emergence of automated processes and digital technology, Purple Circle Financial Services recognised the need for brokers to further embrace the digital future.”

“We were looking for a CRM and system that would provide our members with a clear competitive advantage. We didn’t have to look far. Salestrekker is the best solution for our members and our business model.”

Paratore said Salestrekker made automated tasks easy and it worked by organising a broker’s leads pipeline and the ongoing stages of an application.

“Enhancing the customer relationship is possible using deal notes, tasks, live chat and visual status tools, he said. “Brokers can further simply connect with customers by utilising integrated solutions such as client and referrer Portals, SMS, email, live chat and VoIP.”

When brokers were searching and comparing products and preparing the loan application, they could simply search Purple Circle’s lender panel and easily submit applications with a choice of gateways, either ApplyOnline or LoanApp.

Paratore said Salestrekker was built with scalability in mind, providing key features for a transparent compliance process, access to broker tools and full CRM functionality.

It also featured custom reporting and cross-selling capabilities.

“Salestrekker is ready for the digital future of mortgage broking,” he said. “As technology continues to be adopted at a rapid rate throughout our industry, customer service and experience along with broker knowledge will remain pivotal.”

“Software doesn’t replace what a broker does – Salestrekker, however, enables them to do it quicker and in a more efficient manner, allowing greater time helping customers.”