Strong demand for mortgage broker careers seminars

by Julia Corderoy01 Jul 2016
A national broker group has just wrapped up its nation-wide mortgage broking careers seminars, and it says the industry can be confident as to where the new talent is coming from.

Speaking to Australian Broker, Graeme Salt, director of Origin Finance and certified mentor with Origin’s training company, Walker & Miller Training Services, said new entrants are coming from increasingly diverse backgrounds with diverse ways of thinking about the industry.

“Some are allied professionals, such as accountants, while others are looking for a career change,” Salt said.

“Others see that there is an opportunity to develop a broking business on a part-time basis.”

Over the past year, Salt and Origin Finance CEO, Doug Daniell, have travelled to each capital city to conduct these mortgage careers seminars, which Salt said attracted “strong demand”.

According to Salt, many new entrants are attracted to the industry after positive experiences with mortgage brokers themselves.

“Most have had positive personal experience of brokers and see it as a viable career,” Salt said.

“In general, it’s the remuneration and personal satisfaction [that attracts them].”

With an ASIC remuneration review currently underway, many in the industry are concerned it may turn new entrants away. However, when asked whether new-to-industry brokers were aware or concerned about the review, Salt said new entrants are more concerned about the property market than the remuneration. 

“Increasingly yes, they are aware [of the review].  However, if there are any negative concerns, it’s about their local property markets,” he said.  

“We had 30 people at Perth who did talk about the property downturn. Similarly, Adelaide attendees were concerned about a flat market.”