“There’s never been a more disruptive year”

by Miklos Bolza24 Nov 2017
“What we’re talking about is change both acknowledging the difficulty of change and recognising the opportunity that change brings. There’s never been a more disruptive year for the industry for anyone.”

These were the thoughts of Connective CEO and director Glenn Lees in an exclusive interview with Australian Broker at the aggregator’s NSW conference in the Hunter Valley yesterday (23 November).

Change comes from all angles including in regulation and consumer behaviour, all of which can become quite fatiguing for brokers, he said.

“Our role is to help them make sense of that change, to take away some of the pain of that change and present that back as opportunity.”

This is the theme inherent at the Connective Conference 2017, So Much More, which has been held in Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia with one final stop to make in South Australia.

“The strong positive message is that brokers are never more relevant than they are today in that really complicated world. It’s a great chance for them to shine and deliver fantastic solutions to their customers who are trying to live their lives.”

The core value proposition that brokers offer, solving for complexity, has always been there, he added, saying that the true worth of the industry can be seen in the increasing broker market share which only recently hit 55.7%.

“The main theme is to recognise that change is the new normal. Change is the new constant. It’s a bit of a contradiction but as soon as you recognise that and as soon as you get comfortable with it, then you get the chance to grow through the opportunity it presents.”

Lees continued, saying that brokers will need the right strategies to deal with these trends including bringing in efficient technology or networking with the proper people. Partnering with a good aggregator is also a part of this, he said.

In helping brokers deal with rapid change, the Connective conference has featured keynote speeches from The Essentialists on personal wellness, The Impossible Institute on building a personal brand, and Connective Champions – elite brokers chosen from each state – to discuss their individual stories of success.

So far, the conference has attracted 700 people around the country, growing from 550 last year, with 180 attending in NSW alone. The aggregator currently has 3,300 accredited brokers across Australia.

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