Treasurer looks to UK for social housing inspiration

by Miklos Bolza24 Jan 2017
Treasurer Scott Morrison is currently in the UK to discuss affordable housing with key figures in government and industry.
“While in London, I will take the opportunity to meet with financiers and specialists in the affordable housing and government sectors to learn more about the UK’s affordable housing policies and determine if they are fit for purpose in the Australian context,” he said in a statement.
With improving housing affordability in Australia a key policy goal for the Coalition, Morrison praised the UK for “leading the way” with a number of affordable housing initiatives.
The $10 billion worth of funding the Australian government currently spends on housing also needs to be used more efficiently, he added. In this way, disadvantaged households could overcome the challenge of limited access to secure and affordable housing which has adverse flow on effects to a number of social and economic areas, he said.
During his visit, Morrison will meet with a number of key figures including the UK Chancellor Philip Hammond, the Housing and Planning Minister and Minister for London, Gavin Barwell and City Minister Simon Kirby.
“I will also hold briefing meetings with the Bank of England and European Central Bank as well as the UK Housing Finance Corporation, the Infrastructure and Projects Authority, the Department for Work and Pensions, the Homes and Communities Agency, the Open Data Institute, Financial Conduct Authority and Big Society Capital,” he said.
A spokesperson for the Treasury declined to offer Australian Broker any further information on the specific policies which would be discussed, saying that the Treasurer’s focus in the UK remains broad at the present time.
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