Well-known Perth real estate agency branches into broking

by AB28 May 2014
A new Western Australian brokerage  is actively seeking finance brokers and has just signed up to aggregator AFG.
Capita Finance Solutions, registered with ASIC in October last year, has recently got up and running as the finance arm of two-decade old Realmark Real Estate Group.
Capita intends to operate nation-wide, offering home, investment, business and personal loans, and asset finance.
Realmark managing director John Percudani said Realmark’s clients want a comprehensive home solution.
“Finance is a critical aspect of achieving home ownership. We chose AFG for its superior support and track record, along with the exceptional delivery of its value proposition.”
Finance broking veteran Gill McLean will manage Capita.
McLean, previously director at brokerage moneyQuest and state manager of Choice Aggregation, said the business is currently hiring.
“Capita Finance Solutions will offer something extra to the traditional referral model, providing our brokers with leading systems, superior support and a marketing strategy that will provide them with access to more clients,” she said.
“And, with a client list that is expanding by the day, we’re looking for further high-quality finance brokers to join our team.”

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  • by SIDBROKER 28/05/2014 9:00:39 AM

    All Mortgage Brokers should now get Real estate licenses as well now and go into direct competition with Real Estate Agents and offer discounted commissions. Only desperate Brokers work for RE agents.

  • by Stephen Dinte 28/05/2014 10:31:06 AM

    I for one would not want to have to stand up in court and explain that despite working as a broker for a real estate agent, there was no conflict of interest in gaining a loan for a purchaser, even though the borrower might not be fully capable of affording to spend as much on a home. The pressure is on the broker to gain loan approvals so that 1) the selling agent gets his commission, and 2) the broker keeps on getting referrals. Too much risk for loans being written that are not "responsible".