Mike Felton news

  • Checking in on Sedgwick by Nicola Middlemiss

    How are the banks progressing on remuneration reforms?

  • Brokers' share of home loan market hits $52.2bn by AB

    Brokers settled just under $200bn in residential mortgage loans in 2017

  • Brokers and the bubble by Otiena Ellwand

    Are brokers exacerbating the risks in the housing market?

  • Uniting a divided industry by Otiena Ellwand

    Mike Felton sits down with Australian Broker to discuss his first year as CEO of the MFAA

  • AB Issue 15.02 by

    In his first year as CEO, Mike Felton has led the MFAA and guided the industry through a period of sweeping change, reasoning with groups that were once divided to prioritise unity and cooperation and better the broking industry. But the bulk of the work still lies ahead

  • Group calls for scrutiny of trail commissions by Manuelita Contreras

    It says that trail commissions are “most perverse” in the buying and selling of mortgage loan books