Mike Felton news

  • Liberal U-turn on trail by Madison Utley

    Federal government no longer to ban trail commissions in 2020

  • Lessons from Canada by Melanie Mingas

    A best interest duty may sound like a good idea, but when Canadian regulators attempted to the same, their project failed at the first hurdle

  • Labor pushes "crystal clear" position on broker remuneration by Melanie Mingas

    MFAA welcomes parts of the opposition's plan

  • Labor to oppose customer-pays model by Madison Utley

    Industry groups have said "common sense prevailed" as the party suggests an alternative

  • Keeping competition alive by

    Mike Felton, CEO of the MFAA talks to Australian Broker about the impact of the royal commission and the association's campaign to defend the broker channel

  • Preparing for 2020 by AB

    While the big banks escaped largely unscathed, commissioner Hayne’s final report raised huge questions about the future of broking. Australian Broker reports