Ad campaign highlights local broker expertise

by Miklos Bolza08 Sep 2017
Australian broking franchise Mortgage Choice has joined a nationwide movement to bring a more human face to mortgage brokers through its newly launched ad campaign.

The ads will showcase the local expertise of the company’s mortgage brokers and financial advisers through a variety of media, including TV, radio, digital ads, outdoor advertising and social media.

Called “We’re Locals Too,” the campaign was created in partnership with the creative content agency Now We Collide and aims at building up a human connection with consumers by positioning the firm’s brokers as part of the local community.

Mortgage Choice general manager of marketing Melissa McCarney said the campaign was launched to coincide with the firm’s 25th birthday.

“At the core of our brand is the expertise and knowledge of our brokers and financial advisers, local experts who are passionate about helping Australians make better choices with their money so they can afford to live the life they want to live,” she said.

“We help people make better choices for a better life and we do so by offering them choice and expert advice across all of their financial service needs.”

Mortgage Choice’s people and its unique way of doing business sets the company apart from other players in the market, she said.

“Our experts are more than just an image on a website, or a voice over the phone, they are trusted locals who are a part of the communities they live and work in.”

The foundation of the campaign will be a series of 30-second television commercials to be aired on Foxtel and YouTube which feature the daily routine of Mortgage Choice brokers, tying that in with the advice they can offer to the community at a local level.

“We’ve really enjoyed partnering with Mortgage Choice,” said Keir Maher, CEO and head of strategy at Now We Collide.

“In developing the strategy and creative which is true to Mortgage Choice as a brand we have connected with the consumer insight on the need for a trusted source of information and advice when making big financial decisions. With video at the heart of the integrated campaign, it’s been a true collaboration with the Mortgage Choice team.”

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