AFG launches educational technology aimed at 'time poor' brokers

by AB05 Sep 2013

Brokerage group AFG has developed an educational technology aimed at ‘providing member brokers with access to an unrivalled wealth’ of training tools.

The technology, dubbed 'Knowledge HQ', is fully integrated with Flex – the company’s CRM platform – and SMART, a program that allows brokers to target their clients with tailored marketing campaigns.

Key components include:

  • Detailed reports covering the individual brokers' business performance, client retention, client acquisition, income diversification and business development;
  • Key marketing strategies and tactics against the opportunities for business growth their report outlines and;
  • A selection of marketing intelligence, tools, scripts and templates to deliver against each of the tactics brokers choose to employ.

“Many brokers are time poor and struggle to find the opportunity to analyse their business. Even when they do conduct such analyses, they don’t always have the skills to use information to develop marketing strategies or the tools to implement them,” says Jaime Vogel, AFG chief technology officer.

“This is exactly why AFG has created Knowledge HQ, which we believe is the most sophisticated and user-friendly online resource in the market.”

Vogel says the platform also delivers online training in ‘bite-size’ chunks on a variety of subjects, include how to get the most out of Flex, as well as training on compliance, marketing and new business development.