Aggregator launches “female-centred” education series

by Duffie Osental10 Jul 2020

Connective has launched a new education series focused on providing “practical strategies to help brokers, their clients, and their families” through financial challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic, with a particular emphasis on supporting brokers with a high number of female clients.

The mortgage aggregator said that it developed its “Empower” education series to “equip brokers with the tools and insights to go beyond supporting clients experiencing financial hardship.”

“We wanted to deliver an opportunity to brokers to better understand some of the complex issues that they will confront with many of their clients so they can provide better support and service and help their clients now and post-COVID-19,” said Mark Haron, director at Connective.

“These are very difficult times and brokers can really help people navigate the financial challenges they face, but they will need the tools, support, and skill to be able to do this. The ‘Empower’ education program is equally about providing brokers with business tools and motivating and inspiring brokers who are dealing with vulnerable or at-risk clients.”

The “Empower” series includes four webinars with CPD points accredited to all of them. The first in the series, “Leadership, resilience, and adapating to change,” was delivered by TEDX speaker Rach Ranton in June, with the rest of the program to be released through July, August, and September.

“The difference with our program compared to others targeted towards female clients or female brokers, is that we’re delivering content through the lens of female empowerment to the benefit of all brokers,” said Haron.

“We want to raise awareness of these issues and understanding across the industry; we want to help all brokers lift their clients up when they need to, and we also want to help brokers recognise when they need to lift themselves, their teams and their peers up too. Addressing tough issues directly can be uncomfortable, but it’s important we help brokers know how to manage the uncomfortable.”