Aggregator launches lead generation tool

by Duffie Osental24 Oct 2019

An aggregator has added a lead generation tool to its digital marketing portfolio, created to deliver more qualified enquiries to its broker network.

Loan Market’s “My Lead Generator” allows brokers to embed a personalised URL within ready-made online marketing channels – including social media posts and ads, websites, email campaigns, Google reviews, and email signatures. Brokers are then able to track the success of the lead sources into which they embed their link. 

Pilot tests have shown that the tool has the potential to convert well over half of the enquiries.

“One broker converted 64% of enquiries to appointments in testing, while another had a lead settle in 57 days,” she Lisa Philips, chief marketing officer at Loan Market.

“Verifying the lead through mobile is very powerful, giving brokers greater confidence of creating a genuine relationship with the client, faster.”

Philips said that being able to utilise My Lead Generator across any digital channel maximises the opportunities for brokers and provides clarity around the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

“Customers want a seamless user experience and brokers want to have more qualified leads, spend less time finding leads, and more time with clients,” she said.

“It’s an unbeatable way to kick-off a relationship – with minimal effort or investment of the brokers time.”