AMA winner shares career tips

by Madison Utley26 Jun 2019

According to one award-winning broker, newer industry entrants who have been shaped by the tumult of the past several years have been left more resilient and better suited to thrive because of it.   

Josh Bartlett of Loan Market Bayside, pointed out that seven of the eight years he has been broking have been marked by unrelenting policy changes. 

“When it’s just change all the time, you roll with the punches. You know, if it’s getting harder for me, it’s getting harder for every other broker, it’s getting harder for the banks. Only the good ones will survive. I see it as a positive. It’s the true, professional broker that will stand out from the rest now,” he explained.

Bartlett is just weeks away from passing the $1bn milestone in loan settlements. He attributes a large part of his success to his holistic approach of not only providing clients with mortgages, but of empowering them with a true understanding of the process they’re undertaking.

“I’m all about educating the client, right from the start. When someone walks in the door, there’s hardly ever a conversation about interest rates. There’s a conversation around, ‘What are you doing now? In five years? In ten years? How can we design a mortgage for you?’

“My clients know to always come back to me, because they know they got something different out of that conversation than what they thought they were going to get. Because of that, I get a lot of referrals,” he explained.

According to Josh, being named the 2018 Australian Mortgage Awards ‘broker of the year’ helped bolster his referrals yet further by making it even easier for his referral partner to direct borrowers to him.

“The AMAs last year was the crowning glory of my career so far,” he said.

“To come from being a personal trainer eight years ago, into a brand-new industry when I didn’t know anything about finance to [now], winning number one. That was absolutely awesome.”

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