App gives personal help to borrowers

by Rebecca Pike10 Dec 2018

Borrowers at Australia’s largest credit union will not have to worry about their banking needs over the Christmas holidays after the group launched a new app.

Allowing users to instant chat with advisers, CUA’s app will allow them to select a personal banker to assist with their banking and insurance needs.

The rollout of iM CUA is across compatible Apple and Android devices and was timed to coincide with the Christmas and summer holiday season when people often worry even more about finances.

The customer accesses the app with their online login details and can then view profiles on different bankers and advisers to select the one they would like to talk to. This is that customer’s personal adviser every time they log in.

The profile includes each adviser’s operating hours and if a customer needs to talk to their adviser during a time they are offline, they have the option to leave them a message or speak to someone else if urgent.

CEO Rob Goudswaard explained to Australian Broker that the personal bankers would get to know their customers to better support them, offering the “convenience of modern technology with a distinctly human touch”.

He added, “iM CUA is different to other banks that have chat-based apps, in that it’s the only app in Australia where you know you are chatting to the same personal banker every time you log on – they get to know you and you can build a more personal connection.

“This app is a great option for members wanting to avoid queuing at a branch or waiting on the phone to chat to someone about their banking or insurance in the frantic weeks leading up to the festive season.

“For those members heading away on holidays, whether it’s within Australia or overseas, they can have peace of mind they’ll be able to chat to a CUA personal banker from wherever they are. Whether they’re lazing on the beach, camping with the kids or jetting off to Hawaii.”

The iM CUA app is the member-owned organisation’s first initiative with Pivotus Inc., an international collaboration with leading banking providers including US West Coast bank Umpqua and the Netherlands’s de Volksbank.

Recently, US digital banking specialist Kony Inc, the provider of CUA’s new mobile banking platform, announced it had acquired Pivotus Inc.

CUA said the alignment of the two partner organisations could potentially pave the way for future opportunities around integrating CUA’s mobile banking and iM CUA apps in the future.

Goudswaard said this could look like a dedicated area for mortgage brokers and advisers for small businesses.