Broker firm records biggest settlement months

by AB13 Feb 2018

Mortgage brokerage firm Loan Market settled $886m and $821m of loans in December and January respectively -- its two biggest settlement months ever.

Its loan settlement in January was up 35% from the previous year.

The company, which is owned by real estate agency Ray White, attributes this to its focus on productivity, performance and providing market-leading tech platforms for brokers.

Executive chairman Sam White said Loan Market has invested heavily the past two years in people and platforms, and that the launch of two new proprietary software solutions last year has been instrumental in the group’s growth.

The company launched its customer relationship and loan processing platform MyCRM in September 2017, along with online learning platform Springboard. 

“MyCRM and Springboard connect and compliment our growing suite of service offerings, ensuring we are on track with our vision of becoming the Modern Day Branch Manager,” White said.

With the lending environment getting more complex and compliance requirements more onerous, the new platforms provide brokers with knowledge and tools to thrive in this environment, said White.

“Springboard provides over 160 online courses covering everything from compliance, business planning, training, marketing and broker hacks, delivered across webinars, podcasts and blog posts.”

White expects Loan Market to continue growing in 2018 with a strong flow of new brokers joining the network.

The company targets to grow its number of brokers by 20% this year.

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