Fast track training to boost broker skills and revenue

by Miklos Bolza15 Feb 2017
Jason Back, managing director of the Australian Lending & Investment Centre (ALIC), is due to hold a fully co-facilitated training day which aims to fast track the development of brokers and the admin staff supporting them.
The program, Broker Essentials, focuses on the daily functionality of being a broker or supporting staff member including skills, processes and behaviour, Back told Australian Broker.
“This is about accelerating hands on skill development, reducing rework and increasing efficiency; More deals, higher quality, less avoidable settlement delays.”
Back hopes participants will come out of the program with knowledge of how to increase their revenue, sharpen their technical skills and create habits that support writing more deals.
“This is not about turning a $20m writer into a $200m writer. This is about taking them from $10m to $20m or $30m to $40m.”
Brokers going through the course will also leave with a clear plan around their current pain points, Back said, as well as the quick wins and long-term solutions which can add value and increase sales in the business.
The course will be held in Melbourne on 28 March and will be broken down into three core subject areas: process fundamentals, measurement/management analytics, and the client journey.
“The program will also provide a quick reference guide and other materials for users that will allow them to set up a consistent and efficient business model. The focus is on practical, relevant and real-time implementation of new skills,” he said.
Having spent the past five years re-engineering and implementing change at ALIC, Back said he was keen to share his experience in developing successful brokers and strengthening the industry.
Motivation for running the course stemmed from market demand as well as the desire to improve the core skills of those in the industry.
“There is a clear gap in our industry around core skills development. Certified programs which focus on theory (Cert IV and Dip FMBM) can be overwhelming and hard to access and apply on a day-to-day basis whilst the plethora of marketing, social media and lead generation programs (though important) are only part of the solution.”
Back said the fundamentals of how to run a brokerage were missing from this equation including training on creating efficient processes, delivering a great customer experience, and securing referrals through service excellence as opposed to Facebook ads.
“Most of the training that brokers get access to comes from their BDMs and aggregators and this is not their core skill,” Back said. “They do not live and breathe the full day as a broker and so can only supply part of the picture. Mentoring can be a good option however the quality of the training can be hit and miss.”
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