Group launches referral program for brokers

by Madison Utley29 May 2020

A real estate marketplace has launched a referral program it claims helps finance brokers deliver enhanced service for their clients while simultaneously earning an additional income stream. alerts property buyers in real time when there’s a just listed or off-market property that matches their homebuying criteria, allowing them to view the listing before everyone else for a better shot of getting into their dream home faster.

“More than ever right now, customer service initiatives that go over and above are truly standing out,” said CEO Rhett Dallwitz.

“Finance brokers can offer their clients tremendous convenience and value by gaining insider access to all the latest new listings. It’s a great touch point and reason to connect with clients while supporting them in their homebuying journey.

“In addition to offering exceptional service, finance brokers can also get paid for minimal work and effort,” Dallwitz added.

A broker can earn 25% of the property advertising fee – which is 0.22% of the sale price of a property – by referring a client to Clients are linked to the broker who first invited them to the marketplace permanently, so that each time that buyer purchases property through the platform, the broker gets paid.

With the one buyer to one broker referral allocation, the group has reported “brokers have been rushing to get in first” to ensure that their clients are linked to them.

ListingLoop has encouraged brokers to take advantage of the knowledge and speed that embracing its technology provides in order to deliver a high level of service to their customers – something which is especially important as the rapid digitisation of not only the last few years, but the last few months, has resulted in consumers coming to expect top-notch, personalised experiences.