How COVID-19 created a "leadership opportunity"

by Madison Utley29 May 2020

It's up to leaders within the industry and the business community at large to illuminate the best way forward beyond the chaos created by the COVID-19 pandemic and associated restrictive measures. 

According to Brendan Wright, CEO of FAST, being a leader doesn’t have to do with job title, but is a term reserved for those with the ability to stay rational and fight to keep things in perspective.

“You can be a leader in your role, and you can take a leadership point of view and behaviour within a business –you don’t have to be running the show to do that. Anyone can step up and show their value as a leader in these times,” he explained.  

“Whatever role you’re playing, remaining calm is critical because it enables others to see a way forward. When you’re calm, you’re able to be clear about the situation and the actions you need to take.

“Calm doesn’t mean laid-back; it means you’re being measured and thoughtful – and being consistent in your language, in your actions and in your behaviours.” 

Change is the only constant which can be counted upon in this industry, Wright reminded, with the best leaders those who can “leverage diversity, be inquisitive, and involve the people who are impacted most in the decision-making process.”

“As a leader, simply saying, ‘Here it is – this is what’s happened and this is how we’re doing it now’ will understandably scare people, especially those who are recipients of the change,” he continued. 

“However, if you can involve the people who are going to be impacted and have them contribute to the process, it creates ownership and understanding of the change.” 


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