Intensive workshop launched for high end brokers

by Miklos Bolza07 Jun 2017
The annual Broker Breakthrough Intensive workshop will be held later this month to help high end brokers further develop their business and bring in more leads.

The event, which will be run by The Successful Adviser on 27 June in Melbourne, is designed for brokers bringing in more than $1.5m per month with a focus on creating additional demand, leveraging time and generating more referrals.

Brokers attending the one day workshop will get help developing a structured plan and strategy to help move their business forwards, James McCracken, founder of boutique coaching agency The Successful Adviser told Australian Broker.

“Most brokers don’t have a written plan or a process in place to get from the results they have to the results they want,” he said.

The workshop will be interactive and diagnostic, focusing on the unique challenges and goals of those attending, he said.

“It’ll be a chance to hear what other people are doing in terms of performing well using specific actions and priorities that are important to their own business to help them create the results that they’re after.”

McCracken will share a diagnostic tool with all attendees beforehand that will guide them through their various challenges and solutions to prepare them for the event.

The $1.5m cut off is in place because brokers earning at least that are generally more active in their business and more enthusiastic about producing good results, he said.

“People below that may be lifestyle brokers or part-time brokers. My goal is to work with fulltime brokers who want to really accelerate their results.”

During the workshop, McCracken will go over how to crack through the $20m income ceiling that so many successful brokers come up against. This obstacle is caused by the need to balance working on the business and working in the business, he said.

“Every broker will be aware that there’s a certain cut off where they can no longer sustain doing all the administration to move forward in terms of greater volumes and more consistency.

“They may have a couple of months of $3m or $4m but invariably what they’ll also have is a month after that which is more like $0.5m because they haven’t spent any time producing extra volume. They’ve just spent time submitting deals and chasing up banks.”

The workshop started in 2013 as a way to bring good quality people together to interact and challenge each other in the same environment while building relationships.

“In addition to my core work, which is where I work one-on-one with people, this is a great opportunity for brokers to come together in a meaningful way and to discuss how they can help themselves and help each other in terms of getting better results.”

Bringing together a smaller group encourages interaction and participation and creates greater value from the event, he said. Thus, no more than 40 people will be able to attend with limited tickets and an earlybird discount available.

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