Mail fail: Australia Post gives Aussie mail out an accidental helping hand

by AB24 May 2013

Australia Post has unwittingly given Aussie’s latest mail-out campaign a leg-up, creating credibility and impact that money just can’t buy .

The campaign to existing Aussie customers, which mailed earlier this week, was deliberately hand-ripped through the middle of the cover to suggest their mail had been damaged. The inside text reads:  ‘Isn’t it frustrating when you only see half the picture?’

The marketing team at Aussie were therefor amused to see many of the brochures have been packaged and sent on to customers in clear envelopes - with an apology from Australia Post for accidentally destroying their mail.


  • by Keith B of the West 24/05/2013 9:30:23 AM

    I wonder what the CBA fell about this. Did John Symonds & co get blessing from the Marketing Dept of Comm Bank?...lets face it different Dining Rooms same Kitchen Chefs!

  • by Kram 24/05/2013 9:49:12 AM

    Great! (sarcasm) Now our postage costs will rise, thanks to a "marketing" concept?
    How many mail items were sent out? How many Australia Post staff and how much time was wasted on this venture? Hope no one's important mail was held up through this process?

  • by Miss Cakes 24/05/2013 9:57:41 AM

    Really Keith? It's an amusing story about some clever marketing the guys over at Aussie did. No mention of CBA or John Symond. Was your comment relevant or necessary?