Mixed performance among the majors

by Madison Utley01 Jul 2019

While the most recent APRA banking data shows that the majors added $2.6bn to their home loan book in May, just two of the big four contributed to the swell.

Additionally, the growth occurred wholly on the owner occupier side, with investment loans dropping, albeit by a negligible -$85m.

CBA was the standout, growing its owner occupier loans by $1.6bn to pass the $300bn milestone.

Westpac also showed a notable increase, its owner occupier figure rising by $1.2bn to rest at $264.5bn.

Both CBA and Westpac showed slight increases in their investor loans as well. 

Conversely, ANZ and NAB both recorded decreases across the board.

As compared to last month’s APRA data, ANZ experienced a -$171m decrease in owner occupier and a -$545m decrease in investor loans.

NAB was down -$71m in owner occupied and -$355m in investor loans as compared to April.


According to the May data, owner occupier loan values are as follows:

CBA                      $300bn

Westpac               $264.5bn

ANZ                      $178bn

NAB                      $156bn

Investment housing loans:

Westpac               $153bn

CBA                      $133.5bn

NAB                      $104.5bn

ANZ                      $77.5bn

Total household lending:

CBA                      $433bn

Westpac               $418bn

NAB                      $261bn

ANZ                      $255.5bn