Mortgage firm partners with real estate group

by Rebecca Pike21 Sep 2018

A mortgage broking firm has announced a new partnership with a real estate agent group to streamline the home buying process and offer competitive home loans to customers.

Starr Partners, which has 31 offices across New South Wales, will begin referring clients with financial needs to Shore Financial’s team of more than 50 home loan specialists.

Established in 2013, Shore Financial has a team that includes a centralised processing team, a legal department, risk and general insurance specialists, commercial lending specialists, and car and asset financing lenders.

With a portfolio of more than 30 different banks and lenders, the finance firm manages more than $200million in applications a month, totalling $2.8billion a year.

The company was set up to integrate with real estate networks such as Starr Partners, to enable agents to meet the full suite of their clients’ needs.

It is hoped the strategic partnership will streamline the home buying process for property buyers and help landlords build and create wealth through property more efficiently.

Douglas Driscoll, CEO of Starr Partners, said, “Residential mortgage broking services is another value-added offering we’ve integrated this year to improve the customer journey for our clients, from introducing new technologies to enhance their listings, to now meeting all of their financial real estate needs.

“After a year researching the market to find the best fit for third-party home loan referrals, Shore Financial was a clear stand-out. It’s their dedication and commitment to negotiating competitive rates and offering the best financial advice to meet the needs of their customers, and their experience working with real estate industry professionals, that sets them apart as the leading mortgage broking service.”

Theo Chambers, CEO of Shore Financial, said, “We love working with bigger real estate networks, and Starr Partners is a respected brand, with a strong presence in key markets in Sydney and the Hunter Region. We’ve been liaising with a few of their offices, but saw the opportunity to extend the partnership across the full agency network.”