NextGen announce new CEO

by Mike Wood17 Jun 2021

NextGen.Net have announced their new CEO as Brett Stanford, an internal hire who moves up from the position of Applications Director.

Stanford has been at NextGen since the 1990s and was at the forefront of their lending platform operations, designing and delivering their fintech offering to the aggregator segment.

NextGen offers tech assistance across the lending process, from electronic lodgement to loan processing and broker solutions.

Stanford takes over from founder and previous CEO Adrian Macleod, who will stay on as Executive Chairman. The new CEO will begin on 1 July 2021.

"Brett's experience and expertise gained over the years at NextGen means he holds a wealth of knowledge on industry, lender, aggregator and regulatory requirements," said Stanford.

"His comprehensive understanding of loan origination and assessment requirements and how all parties in the loan value chain work together is paramount to identifying technological innovation opportunities and delivering enhancements to market."

"Continuity is always key and Adrian's move to Executive Chairman will allow him to elevate from daily operations and continue to provide strategic leadership and overarching direction for the future of the NextGen group."

"It’s business as usual for us and I will continue to focus on our mission to ‘make lending easy’. That's our litmus test for everything we do. We will continue to identify, build and provide enhancements to our customers that deliver increased efficiencies, lower costs and better consumer outcomes."

"In the near future our intention is to amplify the use of data, from multiple sources including open banking to streamline the loan application process to benefit all participants in the loan value chain”.

"At NextGen we strive to increasingly digitise manual processes and to leverage secure and source of truth data that will drive us to that utopia of straight through processing. We believe that the creation of intelligent and effective technology will continue to boost efficiencies and reduce the time to yes, allowing brokers to spend less time on administrative tasks and get on with what they do best."