Non-bank expands to serve increased demand

by Rebecca Pike18 Jun 2018

A non-bank has expanded its team to ensure it can support brokers with its growth into the near prime space.

Bluestone announced its expansion into the near prime space in April to fill the void left by the tightening lending criteria of the banks.

The near prime products cater for self-employed and credit-impaired customers, providing tailored solutions for their financial needs.

In anticipation of the increased demand that is already accompanying these new rates, Bluestone has invested in the growth of its BDM team.

The company has said it is important to provide constant and consistent support to brokers, especially when new products or campaigns are involved.

To do this it has welcomed three new BDMs in both New South Wales and Victoria and one new BDM in QLD. The size of the Bluestone credit team has also increased and there are plans for further growth on the horizon to meet the growing demand for its near prime product.

National head of sales and marketing, Royden D’Vaz, said, “The business is ramping up its front end support to ensure that we are ahead of the curve,

“We know a pet hate of brokers is when lenders aren’t able to cope with increased volume during a campaign or new product launch and the response times blow out. That’s why we are not only hiring new BDMs, but also loan coordinators and underwriters as well.”

Particularly during this time of rapid policy changes, Bluestone wants its BDMs to be a support system, poised to answer technical questions and provide informed advice.

D’Vaz added, “As we continue to grow in the near prime space, we will also continue to build our team. Support for this new initiative is vital and we want our brokers to know that we are well-equipped to provide them the best possible experience.”


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