Pepper celebrates 12 months in NZ

by Ksenia Stepanova22 May 2020

Pepper Money is celebrating twelve months since it launched in New Zealand and received its first home loan application, and says it has received a “warm welcome” from the industry, advisers and their clients.

Commenting on some of Pepper Money’s achievements over the past year, New Zealand country head Aaron Milburn noted that it has delivered a simple, personalised approach to home loan applications, quick turnaround times and a fast growing team.

He says Pepper Money has achieved its targets for its first year, and he is particularly proud of the number of New Zealand families that it has managed to help into their own homes.

“We’ve celebrated not only launching in New Zealand, but also the number of people that we’ve helped,” said Milburn.

“We recently talked through some of the case studies of families that we’ve managed to help, and we’ve had advisers calling us saying “I’ve just let the customer know that they’re approved, and they’re in tears because no one else would help them.” They appreciate that we’re a breath of fresh air, and the way that we’ve changed the non-bank landscape.”

Milburn says that despite the ongoing COVID-19 situation and the various support measures it has put into place, its strategy for the coming twelve months will remain the same.

“We’ll continue our growth across the country in a considered manner, and we’ve made a number of recent appointments both in the South and North Island and the Bay of Plenty,” he said.

“We’ll still work to that business plan of a New Zealand entry, and we’re on track to deliver the goals that we set for ourselves at the start.”

“That’s only because of the loyalty and reception that we’ve had from the industry here – we’ve been welcomed in, and they’re very pleased that the Kiwi management team is helping Kiwis with money reinvested back into New Zealand, not sent offshore,” he added.

“All of that put together has enabled us to get a really good foothold in the market, and we’re going to build on that.”