Profiling tool identifies broker traits

by Rebecca Pike26 Sep 2018

A broker group has announced a new online profiling tool which assesses whether someone has the common traits of a successful broker.

It has been purpose built to assist member brokers in recruiting new staff and developing existing employees.

The technology follows research conducted by Connective in 2017 to understand the common attributes of successful brokers. A specialist profiling company was then asked to develop the behavioural assessment tool specifically for the mortgage broking industry.

ProfileMe looks at three key attributes which were identified as critical success factors for mortgage brokers. These were sales, technical and personal.

While brokers don’t need to possess all three traits, they would ideally be strong in at least two areas while being aware of where their limitations lie.

Connective has been using the system both in the recruitment of member brokers and within its own workforce. It is now sharing the value-add tool free of charge with their brokers to support them with their own recruitment activity and the professional development of existing staff.

Connective general manager, sales and marketing, Gingkai Tan, said, “We initially developed ProfileMe so we could gain additional insights and make more informed and confident decisions when screening member applications.  

“ProfileMe is very precise in evaluating whether potential recruits have the rights skills and competencies, and how they will fit within and contribute to the culture of an organisation. At a time when brokers are facing more challenges than ever, getting every recruitment decision right is crucial.

“ProfileMe also helps us to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of the brokers we partner with, so we can provide them with targeted support to accelerate their success.

“Helping our brokers to identify and remain focused on areas of weakness helps to eliminate potential blind spots and ultimately strengthen both their capabilities and their business.

“For example, we can build automated workflows into Mercury for brokers where their profile indicates they are excellent at communicating and engaging with their customers but may not be as adept at structure and process.

“The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with most having now fully integrated ProfileMe into their recruitment and staff development programs.”