Tech provider rolls out enhancements

by Madison Utley04 Jun 2019

The primary technology provider to the mortgage lending industry has “significantly enhanced” one of its core offerings. 

NextGen.Net launched its ApplyOnline Supporting Documents service five years ago, dramatically reducing turnaround times and improving rework rates.

As the first of its kind, demand for the service has only increased since. Now, the tech provider has gone live with version four of the platform.

According to NextGen.Net, the unanimous feedback following demonstrations of the enhanced product was that it’s “more intuitive and easier to use.”

“The new version is definitely a lot sexier as well,” said senior customer success manager Deniz Ertem.

“There’s no checklist anymore and it’s a complete redesign of our user interface. It’s now a card layout that makes for an enhanced user experience,” he added.

The enhancements include:

  • Complete redesign of the user interface
  • Fully responsive design
  • Improved file upload/attach process
  • Simple document management system to house all documents
  • Increased file view size for easy verification
  • Deferring documents now a standalone process
  • Ability to add a comment for the lender to see at any time

“I was very impressed to see that NextGen.Net took time to talk to brokers upfront to assess what was needed for Supporting Docs V4,” said Heather Gallagher, Outsource Financial state manager for strategy and solutions NSW/ACT.

“Importantly, the new enhanced version is optional. I want brokers to know they have a choice – they will have the option of trying the new version of Supporting Docs to take advantage of the enhancements or continue using the version they are currently on,” she added.