Brokers called to lead youth financial journey

by Miklos Bolza25 Jan 2017
“It’s a real journey. It’s something that brokers can be a part of that’s bigger than themselves.”
This was just one of the benefits of joining the upcoming Global Money Week, Viktor Desovski, Global Money Week ambassador and director of, told Australian Broker.
The event will be held by the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) from 27 March to 2 April with the theme of ‘Learn. Save. Earn.’
Throughout the week, brokers will deliver financial literacy lessons to thousands of children at schools and community groups around Australia. At past events, parents, teachers and carers have been involved as well.
Desovski said he was inspired to join the program as it was something his younger self had lacked while at school.
“It’s one of those things I would have wanted to have when I was growing up, i.e. someone sharing insights around finance, money, discipline and what it means to learn and earn. If a broker has that internally, that’s why they should be involved and that’s what they’ll get out of it.”
Brokers had to want to do this genuinely, he added, as Global Money Week should not be seen as a self-promotion exercise.
“You’ll realise very quickly that the self-promotion is not going to build any business results. This is about educating youth and educating children. In the future, they might be people you do business with but at the moment, it’s about educating them and giving them stability.”
While participating in last year’s event, Desovski said it was never a challenge to present to a group of children. Instead, he felt motivated and inspired to get up and speak.
“I felt gratitude that I could actually share some of the experience I’ve had with money and finance and share some insights to the youth so they could be better prepared for the future.”
Interested brokers can participate by visiting the Global Money Week website and registering to receive a selection of sample presentations. The site also contains a template message which brokers can use when approaching their local schools.
Finally, the MFAA has prepared a webinar on 28 February which details how brokers can give their financial literacy presentations.
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  • by Bruce Mawson 25/01/2017 11:17:53 AM

    I would rather see the MFAA focus on building one MFAA brand and make an achievement in getting the organisation recognised and hopefully respected by Consumers. Building financial literacy in schools, while admirable and socially responsible is, hardly hitting the target market, or really best use of members funds.

  • by Anastasia Rae, AP Rae Mortgages 26/01/2017 8:34:45 AM

    Excellent and worthy idea. The next generation need to be prepared and savvy to keep the home ownership dream alive. I would be delighted to support this initiative and feel strongly about supporting our future property owners.