Digital platform streamlines lending process

by Madison Utley27 Mar 2019

A new digital platform has been launched, promising to bring greater transparency and efficiency to the interaction between lenders, brokers, and their customers.

CoreLogic’s Property Hub 2.0 will digitise the mortgage approval process and provide both lenders and brokers access to property and market insight.

“As consumers become more digitally savvy, there’s been a significant shift in consumer expectations of what service should look like - especially with regards to transparency and engagement. There’s less patience for traditional transactional interactions; instead a desire for a seamless and personalised customer journey,” explained Tim Jenner, CoreLogic GM of banking platforms.

The “intuitive online platform” aims to provide the tools necessary to help brokers better support their customers, such as through containing a comprehensive marketplace of lenders from which to order and track all valuations.

Property Hub 2.0 will go live in both New Zealand and Australia in the coming months, delivering a new suite of valuation fulfilment capabilities with further partnerships planned through 2019.

Jenner said, “Helping customers navigate where to buy, what to buy, and how to buy – in line with what they can afford, their lifestyle and investment objectives – has a direct correlation to customer satisfaction.

“It should be absolutely no surprise that brokers and lenders who leverage property data in a meaningful way for their customers have been shown to convert loans at higher rates than those that don’t. In fact, a control group of brokers delivered a 15% increase in conversion.

“Transparency delivers confidence and comfort, and the data tells that story in black and white,” he concluded.