DigitalChameleon looks to introduce emotions into AI

by Madison Utley31 Aug 2020

A fintech has been launched to help facilitate better automated conversations with clients in the financial services space, in a bid to replace scripted chatbots with a more dynamic and emotionally-responsive alternative.

According to Ritesh Srivastava, CEO of DigitalChameleon, chatbots, virtual assistants and other conversational AI systems typically rely on scripts and therefore conform to a simple FAQ structure; this “limited engagement” is often found to be off-putting by customers, turning them away rather than driving costs down while increasing conversions.

“Looking at the current market gap and massive opportunity ahead, we established DigitalChameleon late last year with a mission to humanise conversations for financial institutions, building a well architected future-proof platform,” Srivastava explained.

The Sydney-based fintech was built to “camouflage and weave itself” into any customer situation it is placed in, driving “quality, emotion-based, context-driven” conversations with clients.

“We have created Digital Humans ‘Camie’ (the Beauty) and ‘Leaon’ (the Brain) working in tandem to act as a concierge for the customers of financial services institutions, providing a human-like experience,” said Srivastava.

The new platform relies on a suite of technologies to create an efficient and secure experience which continues to adapt to the real-time circumstances, moods and behaviours of customers.

There are currently three models for organisations to choose from, depending on their digital maturity and size: 'elevator' helps smaller organisations engage with customers and generate leads and solve their queries.

'Innovator' was crafted for organisations who already use chatbots but want to extend the experience further or else are already actively looking to create new digital experiences.

Finally, the 'transformer' model has been created for organisations who believe in the full potential of what the AI conversational experience has to offer and are eager to integrate experiences for their customers to do "all things digital".