Lending portal welcomes small business lender

by Madison Utley04 Sep 2019

A business lender and an online lending portal have joined forces to bring a wider array of small business loan alternatives to both brokers and borrowers.

The partnership with Limba Loans will help Loanstoday in its effort to ramp up the small business lending portion of its loan and financing portal.

Loanstoday is an online platform - which it says is utilised by more than 4,000 brokers nationally - listing personal loans, car loans, debt consolidation and asset finance solutions they may not otherwise have known of or been able to access. It provides an online loan application service that assesses which lender and loan best suits broker and clients' needs, backed by a loan processing team of real people.

Limba joins the likes of SocietyOne, Moneyplace, Liberty Financial, ANZ and other lenders already on the Loanstoday platform.

“Brokers, especially those diversifying into the small business lending space, need lenders and application processes that are easy to deal with, that are responsive and informative, and that specialise in loan products that are designed with small businesses in mind,” said Olly Guilleaume, national manager of business lending at Limba.

“Limba will contribute just that to the Loanstoday portal as it expands into small business lending.”

The partnership between Loanstoday and Limba will introduce fast, short term loan options between $5,000 and $100,000 to brokers already working with small businesses and those who wish to diversify into the small business lending space.

“Even a small loan can be a big help to a small business, especially if the process is simple and fast and if there is a real person helping you through it,” said Jodie Hilleary, GM of sales and operations at Loanstoday.

“That’s the credo of our new partner, Limba Loans and it’s why we are eager to make sure more brokers and small business owners understand that they have viable options for access to much-needed capital.”