Major lender celebrates 20th anniversary

by Mike Wood09 Apr 2021

Mortgage Ezy have celebrated 20 successful years in the mortgage broking business. The non bank lender came into being on April 9 2001 and have proven themselves as disruptors from the start, placing themselves on the side of brokers and building a reputation as being accessible and agile. 

Their culture has been a strong point throughout: Mortgage Ezy have prided themselves on dealing with brokers directly and finding innovative solutions for customers.

They’ve not been afraid of thinking outside of the box, too: some older brokers will remember the day back in 2006 when they paraded an elephant through Surfers Paradise as part of a publicity stunt for their ‘Jumbolicious Commission’ broker product.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast and when the going gets tough, the tough get going,” said Group Executive Chairman Peter James. I remember back in the mid 2000s, there was an instance where a reputable bank was accepting broker originated business, they proceeded to cut out the brokers and go direct to the customer.”

“This infuriated those of us at Mortgage Ezy who advocate for brokers rights. Enough was enough, so we spoke out in the public forum against this practice. Some credit this stance as the day our challenger gloves were officially strapped on and we were thrown into the ring!”

Over the years, they have been awarded several times at the Australian Mortgage Awards as the Non-Bank of the Year, showing just how much they have been appreciated by the broking community – and consistently, too, with awards dating back as far as 2009.

Their popularity and awards are a testament to their commitment to working for brokers. Head of Distribution Mick Conyngham added: “We create equal weight with the three sides of the triangle being the client, broker and Mortgage Ezy. This ensures alignment for all parties providing a stable foundation to build our business relationships upon.”