MFAA launches commercial broker promotion

by Madison Utley10 Apr 2019

A well-known industry association has launched a LinkedIn campaign to promote its members who provide commercial, equipment, and asset finance lending services.

Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) head of marketing and communications, Stephen Hale, dubbed the online platform a “crucial channel” for the industry and trusts that the campaign will plug SME leaders into the network of commercial and asset finance brokers.

Hale said, "Finance professionals and SME owners are generally time-poor and will tend to use online information to seek out potential service providers. They are looking for specialised professionals who have the commercial acumen to solve their cashflow and investment problems.

“We have consulted a number of asset and commercial brokers, including members of the MFAA’s Equipment & Commercial Finance (E&CF) Forum from around the country, to gain insight on the pain points of their SME customers, which has enabled the MFAA to develop relevant messaging to effectively target the Australian small business market.”

The campaign will reach 510,000 SME owners, operators, and finance professionals and encourage them to connect with a local commercial and asset finance broker.

The LinkedIn ads will be live April to June. The MFAA then plans to analyse the insights and customer feedback to formulate future campaigns.  

George Obeid, MD of third party at Judo Capital and president of the MFAA E&CF forum, said, “The broker market has experienced significant impacts with recent regulatory curbs to residential lending and this has no doubt presented a unique opportunity for brokers looking to diversify into commercial and equipment finance.

"Early engagement with SME customers and a clear understanding of their business needs is the critical step for brokers looking to build and grow their business in this segment. However, this requires a holistic strategy built around education, training and development and a core understand of the 4C’s of lending (character, capacity, capital and collateral), which in turn will further strengthen the
relationship and service to business customers," he added.