Non-bank launches new broker e-learning program

by Miklos Bolza12 Oct 2016
Non-bank lender, Pepper Money, has launched a new mobile-friendly e-learning program available to brokers for free.
Called the Better Business eLearning program, participants are taken through the following six core subjects:
  • Building an effective team
  • Managing sales
  • Managing individuals
  • Face-to-face communication
  • Growing your business
  • Customer service
“Out of these six core subjects, each subject has six intermediary or sub-subjects aligned to it,” Mario Rehayem, Pepper’s managing director of Australian mortgages and personal loans, told Australian Broker.
With a total of 36 education modules, the platform covers topics such as running sales meetings, conducting performance reviews, pitching new products, prospecting new business and dealing with difficult customers.
Pepper first identified the need for additional broker training and support by gaining feedback through regular broker meetings and its annual Insights Roadshow.
“For us, it’s all part of giving back to the broker. We’re a big believer of broker education,” Rehayem said. “The more in tune the brokers are with their business, the better the brokers are, and the more we will benefit as a business by default.”
To build the training modules, Pepper collaborated with SalesDNA through the product PocketDNA. This allows learners to sit through individual modules – each two to three minutes long – whenever they have time during the day.
“Pepper understands that in the fast paced sector of financial services, many brokers and business owners don’t have the time to attend a course or seminar,” Rehayem said.
The program is designed for those transitioning into managerial roles, those who are self-employed or those who merely need a refresher on managing people.
“These subjects are broken down and tailored to what the particular broker wants,” Rehayem said, adding that those completing the modules will also earn CPD points from MFAA and FBAA accordingly.