Adelaide broker launches conveyancing business

by Julia Corderoy14 Jun 2016
An award-winning Adelaide-based broker has expanded her business and launched a conveyancing arm, after a “huge amount” of feedback from clients.

Speaking to Australian Broker, Leah Busby, owner of Blackfish Finance said the decision to launch Blackfish Conveyancing was a natural step.

“We were referring out so many clients each month to a third party and clients were still running everything past us and coming to us for updates. I constantly get feedback that we should just do it ourselves; so decided to do it this year.”

“Conveyancing is a natural expansion of the client offerings for a broker team. The opportunity and timing was right for me.”

Blackfish Conveyancing is a joint venture between Busby and a registered conveyancer. Busby will remain the managing director of Blackfish Conveyancing, while the conveyancer will be the working director for the day to day transactions and advice. She told Australian Broker this will ensure the process, advice and client service is consistent with Blackfish Finance.

“It’s an exciting time to launch too with the changes to electronic conveyancing here in SA,” Busby said.

Whilst the venture was created in response to feedback from her clients to make their home loan experience smoother, Busby said it will be targeting new clients too. 

“Blackfish Conveyancing is available to anyone doing a property transaction in South Australia,” she said. 

“We already have had clients make contact directly with our conveyancing arm who aren’t necessarily finance clients. The businesses will be run separately and confidentially – so a client can be a client of one or both of the businesses. 

“We already have agents wanting to refer to us that already have a relationship with a broker, so we’ll protect that, as I would want if the roles were reversed.”

Busby said she is already looking at further plans to diversify her business. 

“There are so many services that are natural add-ons as long as it really will benefit my clients and not take my focus away from being the finance expert.

“I’m currently looking at a property management add-on to the business as that is a service that clients are always asking for.  I want the right person for the position, so will wait until the person is right. Client service, trust and expertise are vital, so I can wait for that,” she told Australian Broker.