Aggregator launches social media outsourcing tool

by AB01 May 2013

Connective has announced the launch of a new outsourced marketing tool, enabling member brokers to professionally engage their audiences through key social media channels.

Powered by the aggregator’s marketing team, Connective Socialise automatically posts timely and informative content on behalf of member brokers through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Connective marketing manager, Jess de Araugo, says Connective Socialise is a powerful tool that will assist member brokers to position themselves as leaders in the mortgage broking space and to initiate stakeholder engagements.

“Social media has revolutionised how society communicates and the way businesses engages with their customers,” says de Araugo. “Managed effectively, social media can deliver untold benefits to business owners through enhanced customer engagement and referral. If managed poorly, however, it can damage a company’s reputation in just a few ill-considered keystrokes.”

Through outsourcing the baseline social media function to Connective’s team of marketing professionals, she says brokers are assured that their online network will receive the right information at the right time.

“Establishing and maintaining an effective social media presence requires proactivity and the delivery of timely information. Mortgage brokers are busy professionals and often don’t have the time to dedicate to social media. By outsourcing the function to us through Connective Socialise, our member brokers will now have more time to do what they do best – write loans for their clients.”

De Araugo says Connective Socialise’s core proposition is to deliver relevant and varied content to the broker’s online network, such as consumer focused articles, housing market updates, and topical discussions, but brokers will also have the ability to add their own content.