Aggregator prices massive RMBS deal

by AB29 Oct 2013

A major aggregator and white label lender has completed a $300m RMBS deal, the second this year.

AFG yesterday announced the pricing of its second RMBS deal for 2013. The transaction priced at $300m with 14 investors, both onshore and offshore.

The deal follows on a $275m RMBS transaction in March. AFG CFO David Bailey said the transaction saw the aggregator meeting its goal for the year.

“We aimed to complete two RMBS transactions in calendar 2013 and what is particularly pleasing is for us to welcome a number of new investors to our program and to also complete a slightly larger overall transaction size,” he said.

The $300m RMBS pool was originated through the aggregator's network, and are managed by AFG Home Loans and Securities.


  • by Country Broker 29/10/2013 9:41:07 AM

    This is not a MASSIVE RMBS deal when compared with some that are done by the regionals and the Big 4. It is about an average size deal.