Aggregator signs referral deal with leading insurer

by Julia Corderoy21 Jul 2015
eChoice is the latest mortgage broker aggregation group to join Allianz’s referral program, which it says will help provide brokers with a diversified income stream.

According to the major insurer, the referral program offers a no advice spot and refer model for finance brokers to refer their customers to Allianz for their home, landlord and motor insurance.

Dan Tully, Allianz’s national manager growth markets says the major insurer is looking forward to helping eChoice diversify their offering to brokers.

“We’re looking forward to working closely with eChoice to help their brokers diversify their businesses, as well as provide ongoing, trusted protection for their customers,” he said.

Kon Shizas, eChoice’s general manager of product and services says the aggregator is continually exploring ways they can help add value to the broker/client relationship, and the Allianz Referral Program does that “simply and effectively.”

Since introducing the program to the mortgage broker market in 2012, Allianz says more than 14 aggregator and broker groups have joined the referral program. 

In a recent survey conducted at the MFAA Convention in May, a quick and easy referral process was cited as the number one reason for using Allianz’s referral program.

“It’s this feedback that we’re excited about, and which we’re pleased to now be able to offer eChoice,” Tully said.