Aggregator tips white label launch

by Adam Smith03 Jul 2014
A major aggregator has tipped its first white label offering, due in the months ahead.

Speaking to Australian Broker, Vow Financial CEO Tim Brown said the aggregator was looking to bring a white label product to the market in the year ahead. Brown said the company had shied away from white labelling in the past, but felt it had hit on the structure it was looking for.

“No doubt, we will introduce a white label. I’ve held off on introducing a white label because all the white label products I’ve seen have looked like everyone else’s. Now we feel we have a point of differentiation,” he said.

Though Brown did not give a specific date for the release, he said the launch of the white label product would be in the very near future. Brown also said the aggregator had other plans for growth for the next six to 12 months. He said Vow would expand its current insurance offering, and he said they would announce key appointments to ignite growth in other areas of the business.

“We’ve recruited someone to head up our wealth division, and he comes from a financial planning background. We’re also looking to bring someone on to run Vow Commercial, which will be a big investment because we see this as a major growth area for aggregators,” he said.