Aggregator tweaks tech offering

by Adam Smith21 May 2013


A major aggregation group has tweaked its tech offering in response to broker feedback.
Advantedge has announced enhancements to its Podium 2.0 CRM platform, which the company said were driven by feedback from brokers. The enhancements include a new eClient function, which enables data capture online reducing data entry for brokers.
"We've listened to our broker partners and worked hard to develop Podium 2.0 into a market leading business and client manaagement platform," Advantedge general manager of broker platforms Steve Kane said.
The company said the release would also see changes to screen layouts to improve usability, enhancements to maximum borrowing calculations for investments and a further streamlining to the production of credit proposal disclosure documents.
Kane said the enhancements had been developed with the goal of making it "easier for brokers to do business day-to-day, whether it's keeping up with the latest compliance needs, or cutting the effort involved in lodging an application".


  • by OzBoy 21/05/2013 9:38:14 AM

    How many times can you come out with the same spin? If you have had to "tweak" your software that often then it obviously had/has major issue's. Thanks for the heads up.

  • by oldBroker 21/05/2013 10:04:21 AM

    I have no idea why the aggregators are in the software game anyway. There are plenty of very good 3rd party software platforms.

  • by PeterT 21/05/2013 10:44:50 AM

    Brokers seriously want borrowers to do their data entry without verifying it themselves? Given the amount of paperwork Advantage puts their licencees through for compliance, I'm amazed they'd allow the brokers to take this kind of risk.