Anonymous decision: Broker news comments to remain incognito

by AB29 Aug 2013

Yesterday’s argument from FBAA president, Peter White, that comments on broker news sites should include the writers’ full names was met with overwhelming opposition – on the comments board, anyway.

Responses ranged from the humorous:

“I agree,” signed ‘Anonymous’

… to the down-right harsh:

“Peter grow up... it’s a world of chat rooms and people will say what they want and be who they want, deal with it. If this is the biggest issue the FBAA has to whinge about, then I think they need a new leader,” signed, ‘Todd’.

In the end, just three of the 23 comments posted on the story at time of writing were in favour of White’s suggestion – that’s around 13%. However, Australian Broker’s online poll, asking, “Should online comments remain anonymous,” received the opposite response. Almost all (94%) of those polled said ‘no’. Odd.

In any case, Australian Broker can confirm that we will not be requiring readers to provide their full name alongside comments – though we would like to clarify that we do routinely filter out those which are deemed defamatory or slanderous, as per Jeff Mazzini’s suggestion.

So comment away ‘China Chops’, ‘Rastafarian’ and ‘Really?’ – just keep it clean. And remember, our IT guy knows where you live.