Association launches 'search-by-postcode' database to help clients find brokers

by AB20 Nov 2013

The Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA) has launched its newly-updated website, complete with a ‘unique’ search-by-postcode database, which the group says enables active property investors to search for a range of specialists – including brokers.

“In a marketplace where property investment is really gathering pace, the introduction of PIPA’s search-by-postcode function is very timely,” says PIPA chair, Ben Kingsley.

“The function means that professionals who are PIPA members will benefit from a new stream of local lead enquiries as active investors search for professionals in their area.”

Kingsley says investors represent a lucrative, ‘sticky’ client base and that brokers who position their service offering accordingly will be well-placed to maximise business opportunities.

PIPA’s new website forms part of the association’s intensified efforts to campaign against property spruikers and follow other recent measures, including a new anti-spruiking advertising campaign, as well as a strengthened fee and commissions disclosure policy for its members.

The bolstered disclosure policy requires all new members and existing members (upon their membership renewal) to provide documentation regarding their fee and commission disclosure policies, including any arrangements with any third parties or other related entities.