Association supports launch of National Finance Brokers Day

by Julia Corderoy13 Jul 2015
The FBAA is urging finance brokers around the country to support a new initiative aimed at increasing awareness of the industry.

The concept of a National Finance Brokers Day (NFBD) is the brainchild of Suncorp Bank business development manager Dino Pacella and is endorsed by FBAA chief executive, Peter White. 

Pacella, a 12 year industry specialist, believes a day designed to highlight the advantages of broking and improving consumer awareness, is long overdue.

“With the broking sector getting bigger each year, it is imperative we become a collective and publicly share our experiences and ways we can better engage with customers,” he said.

Now is an ideal time to capitalise on the benefits of using a broker, says Pacella, now that brokers originate more than 50% of home loans in Australia.

As part of NFBD, the industry will be looking to provide a free online educational financial literacy tutorial for borrowers to participate in as a ‘give back’ in celebration of the day.

“We want to bring brokers together and bounce off each other with advice and feedback. Organising seminars and workshops would also be a major part of the day,” Pacella said.

Peter White has been in the industry since 1979 and knows just how much benefit this type of action can bring with a designated media push.

“What a great way to get our message out there with the thrust being customer awareness. The more a customer knows about what we do and how we can help, the better,” White said.

So far, a working group comprising of a lender, an aggregator, and an association member has been established but needs more input from industry professionals across all broking sectors.

“For this to succeed, we need the support of everyone in the industry. No one owns this day and it is up to us to make it work,” Pacella said.

“If NFBD can result in lifting broker business, it will have immense bottom-line benefits for finance brokers.”