Association unveils marketing toolkit for brokers

by Julia Corderoy09 May 2016
The Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA) has unveiled an online marketing toolkit for brokers.

The toolkit, which the FBAA describes as a virtual one stop shop, houses “an enormous” amount of marketing collateral brokers can use to update their websites, send to clients or advertise their business.

The FBAA’s Peter White said he is most excited by the video content the association has produced for its members in partnership with an external marketing company.

“Brokers can actually have video content already done for them,” White told Australian Broker

“They can put it on their website free as it is or they can modify it slightly or put their brand on it before putting it live on their website. It is a great promotional tool that not everybody has access to – to create video content that is relevant to their business and to the industry.”

In addition to marketing collateral such as videos, brochures, client checklists and flyers, the toolkit also includes the FBAA’s $99-per-year calculators. According to White, everything in the toolkit can be individually branded, however, branding will incur a cost.

“[The toolkit] is in our member’s area so members can log in and pick and choose the things they want to use for their business.

“It is free unless you are paying for the calculators and/or unless brokers would like to brand something with their own business logo. However, all the generic stuff is free.”

White says it is important for brokers to distinguish themselves in an increasingly competitive market. 

“It is all about distinguishing yourself in the marketplace,” he told Australian Broker.

“According to ASIC, as of April, there are 19,438 credit reps in Australia – that is credit reps, not ACLs. There are a lot of people in our industry. 

“Brokers need to distinguish themselves and they need to show to potential borrowers and their clients how they can help them. 

“Information is king. Informing borrowers and being transparent with everything is what is king in this marketplace today. That to me is what 2016 is all about.”