Bank education drive puts 'positive pressure' on aggregators

by Adam Smith25 Jan 2013


As banks bolster their service proposition to brokers, the pressure is on aggregators to follow suit.
That's according to Loan Market director of sales Mark De Martino. Martino told Australian Broker that lenders are upping their game in their proposition to brokers with better PD days and more practically focused events. 
"We've seen over the past few years the majors and alot of lenders get more involved in providing PD days that are a real value add for brokers," he said.
De Martino said the onus is now on aggregators to add more value to their brokers' businesses.
"It puts more positive pressure on all the aggregators to continue to build on our own PD days and add value for brokers," De Martino said.
De Martino said Loan Market has turned to its brokers for feedback on how best to provide continuing education that will 
"We have to look at things differently as well. We've started breaking up our brokers into groups where they can share with their colleagues," he said.
"The lenders are doing a great job, and it forces aggregators to become better," De Martino added.