Bikies barge into building industry executive's home, demand money

by AB23 May 2013

Three members of the Commanchero outlaw motorcycle gang have reportedly been captured on film barging into the home of a leading building industry executive, according to News Ltd.

The men are said to have demanded money that a sub-contractor claimed he was owed.

In The Age newspaper says it has CCTV footage and photographs of the moment the men, dressed in their gang uniforms, walked through an unlocked door into the home of Master Builders Association (MBA) federal vice-president, Trevor Evans, demanding money.

The head of Victoria Police's anti-bikie taskforce, Echo, detective superintendent Peter De Santo, told reporters the home invasion was one of several examples of bikie gangs using stand over tactics to collect disputed debts.

"Their attendance in a Comanchero shirt is intimidatory and well beyond community expectations," De Santo said.

De Santo claimed the leader of the bikie visit, Norm Meyer, was the enforcer for the club's Williamstown chapter, worked in the building industry and was a member of the construction union CFMEU.