Bouris welcomes 12th broker into elite Chairman's Club

by Julia Corderoy14 Jan 2016
Business and finance tycoon Mark Bouris has inducted the 12th broker into his elite Chairman’s Club at the Yellow Brick Road 2016 national conference held in Adelaide this week.

Fabian Restaino, principal of Yellow Brick Road Varsity Lakes/Robina in Queensland is the newest member to the Chairman’s Club, which he told Australian Broker was a real career highlight. 

“It is the biggest pat on the back I could receive. We also won an award for best branch in Queensland but to also be inducted into the Chairman’s Club and to have a direct line to Mark [Bouris] and to have Mark say he feels I deserve to be in that club is an absolute honour; it is amazing.”

Restaino’s Varsity Lakes/Robina franchise won the Queensland Branch 2015 award for most revenue and best customer service, however, when it comes to being inducted into the Chairman’s Club, Restaino said it is also about what he does outside of running his business.

“I live and breathe this brand – I love the brand and I love the business model and how we do things. When it comes to day-to-day business it is never ending but I take it out to the community as well. I do a lot of charity events and a lot of educational pieces which in no way, shape or form bring me extra income but I do it because I love it and that has a bit of factor playing into me playing the award,” he told Australian Broker.

Being inducted into the elite club means Restaino will join the 11 other members to consult and guide head office in making national decisions about the branch network.

“From what I know from the other members, they get together regularly to discuss and assist Mark and the head office team in making national decisions for the branch network as well as give the head office feedback from the branches. 

“We will also help to support the branch network directly and give help on that side as well.”

However, Restaino said there is not much he would like to change about the YBR franchise.

“Some of the changes we have recently made have been pretty special and I am very happy with where we are at the moment. There is not a great deal I would change,” he told Australian Broker

“When I started with the network five and a half years ago we did not have the same structure and support as we do now. The network is sitting right where they should be, I think. Any new branches which come on board have all the support and all the infrastructures to succeed in this business and in this industry.”

Restaino joined the YBR network in August 2010 and has always worked towards being invited to join the Chairman’s Club.