Boutique aggregators announce joint venture

by Adam Smith21 Dec 2015
Two boutique aggregators have announced a joint venture they say will provide a "fully integrated" third party distribution system. 

Ballast Finance has announced a joint venture with Specialist Finance Group which will see Ballast relocate its operational management to Specialist's Subiaco offices. Ballast said the arrangement would capitalise on its strength in aggregation and Specialist's strength in distribution. 

"This agreement represents each organisation’s strong commitment to provide brokers with a single source for the best in aggregation service,” Wayne Blazejczyk, Managing Director of the Ballast Group of companies said . “This joint venture also expands the Ballast branded loan offering for our broker network and sets a total systems solution. When these quality service components are combined with the Ballast and Specialist aggregator reputation for excellence in broker support, you have a situation that can’t be matched in the third party mortgage broking industry.”