Broker concerns to be aired as MFAA, FBAA come together

by Adam Smith05 Mar 2013

A public forum will give brokers the chance to put their concerns to industry associations as it brings together MFAA CEO Phil Naylor and FBAA president Peter White.

The Independent Finance Brokers Forum (IFBF) will hold an open forum on 22 March at the Rosehill Bowling Club near Parramatta, NSW, where chair Stephen Dinte said Naylor and White will engage concerns raised by brokers over the role of industry associations.

Dinte told Australian Broker the forum would give brokers an opportunity to air their concerns over the role the associations play in advocating for the industry.

  "Brokers for the most part feel that they're contributing membership fees to these organisations, and one of the ways brokers would like to see the money used is in some form of advertising what it is we do," he said.

Dinte argued that, at the moment, "outside of the industry nobody knows the MFAA or FBAA", and said the forum would put the question to Naylor and White what the associations are doing to raise consumer awareness.

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  • by OzBoy 5/03/2013 10:37:16 AM

    Why not broadcast it and let us all be a part of it.

  • by Garry 5/03/2013 10:43:29 AM

    Both associations are a waste of time & money. They are obsolete in todays market. We are governed by ASIC so what relevance do these associations have anyway? The clients dont care about MFAA or FBAA and they dont know who they are. I for one have real issue with having to pay fees to a group who add absolutely nothing to my business.
    Get rid of both.

  • by NoTimeLikeTheFuture 5/03/2013 10:44:16 AM

    I agree.

    We are benefiting now from the work of the associations and we just don't realise it.

    It's an insurance policy to have infrastructure in place like the MFAA to tackle future problems and fight for sensible, workable policy.

    Anyone who drops out will will in effect free-ride on the rest of us.