Broker wins business transformation reality TV series

by Julia Corderoy29 Oct 2014
A broker has beaten a financial planner and accountant to win the No More Practice Transformation Series, winning her broking business a prize package worth over $100,000.

Dominque Bergel-Grant, mortgage broker and founder of Leapfrog Financial was announced as the winner of the reality television series aired on Sky News Business. The series is dedicated to showing wealth professionals how to grow their personal, professional and business value. 

Bergel-Grant was competing against FPA financial planner and Northern Wealth Advisory Group managing director, John Tyson and CPA Australia accountant and founder of Linton Solutions, Caxton Pang. They were judged on their commitment to business transformation and their ability to perform in a series of gruelling business challenges.

Bergel-Grant was crowned the winner for having made the greatest impact on the success trajectory of her business throughout the judging period. 

“I knew I was up against two other really, really excellent business owners who had also completely transformed their businesses throughout this process,” she told MFAA after the win.

Reflecting on her experience on the show, Bergel-Grant said there were a few glass-shattering moments, but it has helped her feel more confident and empowered about owning her own business.

“Putting in place a proper business strategy and a plan for what I needed to do to be where I wanted to be was a big deal,” she said.

“Recognising the team I had wasn’t the team I need going forward was a really difficult thing to do. But by getting the business strategy right, which helped the cash flow I realised that it is worth the business risk to invest in getting a fantastic team around me.”

Bergel-Grant’s mentor, MFAA Chair and CEO of Vow Financial, Tim Brown said she has become a leader, not just a business owner.

“From when I first met Dominique to the final session, I saw a very different person and someone who had a very different perspective on her business. You have to a goal and a vision for your business, but you also need to have an exit strategy.  A business that survives without the leader being there is a great business,” he said.

“I am 100% certain that the business I have today is a more profitable and successful business than the one I had three months ago,” Bergel-Grant said.