Brokerage gives back to help the hungry

by AB23 Dec 2014
A leading franchise brokerage will be helping the Salvation Army hold its annual Christmas Day lunches to help the needy across Melbourne.

Aussie Home Loans has said its food donations will aid the Salvation Army’s Christmas Day lunches at 15 centres throughout Melbourne.

“We greatly appreciate the generosity and support of Aussie Home Loans, which has helped us make Christmas a special experience for hundreds of people over the last 15 years. Christmas can be one of the hardest times of the year for many families and individuals who are faced with economic uncertainty, and it is especially important that communities and families can come together to celebrate,” Salvation Army spokesman Gordon Sanders said.

The company is also aiding a variety of other charities across the country through food donations, including Mission Australia in Brisbane, Exodus Foundation and Barnados in Sydney.

We are delighted to help this record number of under-privileged across Melbourne and the rest of Australia. Aussie’s staff share a strong commitment to help the needy and putting something back into the community,” Aussie chairman John Symond said. “We believe that our simple contribution might help in a small way to make a difference to the Christmas Day for both children and adults. We are delighted to support The Salvation Army in its efforts to keep the spirit of Christmas alive.”


  • by MCC 23/12/2014 10:01:48 AM

    Good work Aussie. Whilst I'm not an Aussie broker it's certainly good to see this sort of activity in our industry & Salvo's have taken an 'image hit' over recent times. An old Uncle (long since passed) made a comment many years ago to my father (now 86), that it was the salvo's food parcels that saved them whilst fighting in the jungles of Borneo & Malay during WW11. Indeed a worthy group.