​Brokerage looks to create ‘new distribution channel’ with insurance partnership

by Amy Rosenfeld10 Feb 2014
A mortgage brokerage and financial services firm has announced the launch of a new partnership designed to give the business “access to a new and diverse range of clients”.

Bell Partners, which offers accountancy, advisory, financial planning, mortgage broking and legal, digital and communication services, has partnered with leading insurance brokerage MGA to launch Bell Partners Insurance.

The joint venture is the progression of a successful two year partnership between the accountancy firm and Andrew Faber of MGA’s Sydney branch.

Faber says the opportunity to partner with a successful and powerful brand in the Sydney market was an exciting proposition.

“What we are trying to achieve with Bell Partners is to create a new distribution channel,” says Faber, “gaining access to a new and diverse range of clients. We have been working closely with Bell Partners for two years and have already achieved success in appointment to some sizeable accounts.”

For Bell Partners’ high profile CEO Anthony Bell, the evolution of his accountancy firm to a ‘one stop’ financial services provider was a natural progression.

“What used to be seen as the core products for clients and what will be in the future are very different. As opposed to previously recording history, we are focused on driving our clients to create history,” says Bell.

Part of that process is the provision of risk management services, he says.

“With the pace of business completely shifting, clients want to make sure they’ve got the best services and products possible, but they don’t want to waste time running all over town to achieve it. Most of the information that the insurers need to make their assessment of risk exposure is actually sitting inside this company so we can create an efficient process for our clients.”


  • by Thomas 10/02/2014 11:05:26 AM

    So, what does your ideal client look like? Seems this is a business that is trying to be all things to all people... to me it seems like a good way to get confused about who your target clients are and why you are in business in the first place! why not add a takeaway pizza business into the mix as well?! Or perhaps some unlicensed gun-slinging property spruiker?